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The Rise of Hispanic Political Power
José de la Isla
340pp. Paper
ISBN 1-931122-04-0

The first detailed inside look at the growth in significance of this powerful political block. Journalist José de la Isla takes a hardball look at Hispanic politics from the Nixon presidency up to the current administration of George W. Bush. A must-read for political junkies, students of political history, and a virtual handbook for political parties aspiring to get and keep this important voting block in their camp.

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Blue Window
Anne Fisher-Wirth

102 pp.  Paper 
ISBN 1-931122-15-6

"Many American poets have written what gets called ‘the autobiographical lyric.’ Very few poets have written it with such fierce and stinging accuracy. [Ann Fisher-Wirth], like William Carlos Williams . . . can be . . .  a little ruthless, and that quality gives this book, which also has the virtues of tenderness and attentiveness, its steel and its nerve."
—Robert Hass, former U.S. poet laureate, author, most recently, of the collection Sun Under Wood.

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Meditations on the Cube of Space
Kevin Townley

300pp. Paper
ISBN 1-931122-09-1
Trade paper $22.00 
Amazon price: $14.30

"This is without a doubt the most original and useful recent contribution to occult and tarot studies. It is a brilliant synthesis of ideas which demonstrate for the first time the extent to which the Cube of Space is a coherent repository of interlocking symbolic ideas. It is a work which every student of western Qabalah and tarot should read."
—Robert Wang, Qabalistic Tarot

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The Hills of Holland
Esther Schor

106 pp. Paper 
ISBN 1-931122-08-3

Poetry on the wayward fortunes of travel, art and myth, and the givens of everyday life. 

Title poem focuses on Sumatra in the late 18th Century through the eyes of William Marsden, linguist, historian and naturalist; and ‘La Udden, a Maylay exile in England.

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The Country I Come From
Norbert Krapf

115 pp.  Paper
ISBN 1-931122-05-9 

Norbert Krapf’s twelfth collection of poetry, The Country I Come From, sixty poems set in Indiana, including “Fire and Ice,” winner of the Lucille Medwick Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America.

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A Gathering of Fugitives
Diana Anhalt

105 pp.  Paper
ISBN 1-931122-03-2 

American Political Expatriates in Mexico 1948-1965.

During the 1950s, more than sixty American families, including mine, sought refuge in Mexico during the so-called McCarthy era. A Gathering of Fugitives tells this community’s story for the first time.

". . . an excellent addition to the literature of Cold War America."
—Library Journal

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From the Cockpit of the Rubaiyat
Donald P. Rothschild

105 pp.  Paper
ISBN 1-931122-03-2 

Don Rothschild's behind-the-scenes look at the life of a day sailor.

"This book should be in every cruiser’s foc’sl or guest quarters for a rainy afternoon read aboard."
—S. A. Metcher

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Suzanne Burns

105 pp.  Paper
ISBN 1-931122-01-6 

A remarkably mature first collection from an Oregon poet on the rise.

"Suzanne Burns writes with an effervescent mix of earth, flowers, sensuality and the pulse of the country: these poems are alive, kicking and unquiet."
—Marilyn Bowering, author of Visible Worlds and Human Bodies

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Harpo Marx at Prayer
Saul Bennett

112 pp.  Paper
OSBN 0-9662299-6-7

The award-winning, best-selling poet revisits his childhood haunts in Sunnyside, Queens, in New York City.

"With Harpo Marx at Prayer, Saul Bennett tells a true life story as only a poet can. He is a truly gifted poet, able to strip away the coverings we place over familiar events, so that we can confront the wonder, spirit, the meaning that we, with ordinary eyes, couldn't see."
— Antoinette Bosco, nationally syndicated column via Catholic News

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Bee Trees

Jim Natal

113 pp.  Paper
ISBN 0-9662299-8-3 

"In the Bee Trees is a remarkable and powerful collection. . . . There is a composure, a patience, and a clarity to these poems that is truly enviable. Whether charting the passages of childhood or the difficult ascents and descents of adulthood, Jim Natal never loses his sense of awe and wonder, even in the face of the most difficult circumstances and most harrowing events, public as well as private. What strikes me often in these poems is that because Jim Natal trusts his readers, he always earns his readers’ trust. With its beauty and wit, In the Bee Trees is a stunning accomplishment."
—David St. John, Author

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Steel Umbrellas
David Sutherland

119 pp.  Paper
ISBN 0-9662299-4-0 

As Paul Klobbenborg says in his introduction, "David Hunter Sutherland's new book is a brilliant collection of striking poems written with language at full stretch.  here we have a modern poet redefining language within its emotional and conceptual brackets and breaking out beyond the plain inferences of words into broader perceptions symbolic of human feeling."

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Millennium's End
Michael Bugeja

117 pp.  Cloth
ISBN 0-9662299-3-2 

As Terry Anderson says in his introduction to Millennium's End, "There are a lot of phrases in Millennium's End that somebody needs to hear, and think about."

"Michael Bugeja’s book, Millennium’s End, is a powerful, deeply emotional work, filled with compassion and love for humanity and the pain of life’s tragedies. He has a stunning reporter’s sense of reality and truth. He is a profound poet and touches the heart. I think his poems are terrific and could not put the book down."
Helen Thomas, UPI White House bureau chief

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Electric Rain
Edited by Patricia Fry

200 pp. Paper
ISBN 1-931122-00-8


A compelling anthology of award-winning poetry by Southern California poets, illustrated with breathtaking photography by Anthony Satori and Patricia Fry.  

"We should be thankful for this lovely book which gives voice to some of the next generation of poets. It is always a joy to discover the work of new writers."
— Frances Halpern, Connections, KCLU-FM, an NPR Affiliate

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Chronicles of 
Air and

Rosa Martha

239pp. Cloth
ISBN 0-9662299-2-4

A Mexican-American archeologist and her family are caught up in the legends and myths of their Aztec and Maya heritage. The story shifts between present day and the 16th century, and between dreams and reality. At once a ghost story, a romance, and a mystery, this novel is unique in its presentation of a modern Mexican-American family. 

". . . a sensational story of love, mystery and visionary experience . . . while including politics, religion and violence in ancient and modern Mexico."
—Publishers Weekly

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My Name is Legion
Sheila Martin Berry

312 pp. Cloth
ISBN 0-9662299-1-6

A rape crisis counselor, Cate Lawson, finds herself dealing with a young woman (Mandie Harwood) afflicted with multiple personalities, one of which, a child, has been raped. Based upon actual events.

"An intriguing premise . . . a whodunit with a psychological twist."
   —Publishers Weekly

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New Fields and
Other Stones

Saul Bennett

107 pp. Cloth
ISBN 0-9662299-0-8
Saul Bennett demonstrates through his meticulously constructed verse that there is life after loss, that you don't have to 'get over it', and that you can carry on and find continued meaning to life after the loss of a loved one.  You will find yourself picking this book up again and again . . . and will be touched and moved each time you do so.

"New Fields and Other Stones is poetry written with a sword of sorrow, emanating tortured confusion, yet exploding with love. "
—Antoinette Bosco - Catholic News Service, author, The Pummeled Heart

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