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Mansions of the Moon
Kenneth Johnson

235 pages


The twenty-seven lunar mansions or nakshatras are a unique zodiac that has been used in India for some 5,000 years. The lunar mansions lie at the very origins of Hindu astrology, and they are rich in the myth, legend and lore of ancient India.

Kenneth Johnson, mythologist and astrologer, provides us with a colorful introduction to these "mansions of the moon." The lunar mansions are introduced and explained as an entire system or astrological paradigm, and each mansion is vividly described so that the reader, even one with only the most basic knowledge of astrology, can come to understand their own birth mansions.

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530 pp. — 38 plates
The true identity of the alchemical adept calling himself "Fulcanelli" has never been publicly discovered but there are few who would not recognize his works as the most significant contribution to the Great Art in more than 100 years. The author displays an immense knowledge of the practices of Alchemy and of the Alchemists of the Middle Ages. For for the first time he makes clear the differences between Chemistry, Spagyrics, Archemy, and Alchemy. This long awaited, meticulously translated work from the original French will be of immense benefit to those who seek to understand Alchemy for what it truly is—the art and science of Creation and Transformation of physical form through the agency of Man.

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Julia Loar Gillentine
299 pages
Through dreams, hypnotic regression, and shamanic journeys, Alexandria Stuart, Don Miguel Piedra, and Erik Anderson battle adversaries and incredible odds to fulfill their destiny in the lost Hall of Records, buried beneath the sands of Giza and guarded by the enigmatic Sphinx.

"A fascinating story . . . through well written fiction, this book captures the essence of the ongoing reality."
—Robert Bauval, co-author of The Orion Mystery and The Message of the Sphinx

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