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Suzanne Burns

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105 Pages - 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 - Paperback Original

ISBN: 1-931122-01-6 
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A powerful first collection from an award-winning poet-on-the-rise.

Praise for Suzanne Burns and Blight

"Suzanne Burns writes with an effervescent mix of earth, flowers, sensuality and the pulse of the country: these poems are alive, kicking and unquiet."
—Marilyn Bowering, author of Visible Worlds (Harper Collins), Human Bodies (Canadian Classic Series)

"Suzanne Burns is a poet of the world, or Oregon forest, headlines and daily life, but always these poems are carried along by a luminous, primal intensity. A lyric poet, her poems begin in a place where many poems end, a place where language gives way to explosive, crackling music."
—Richard Garcia, author of The Flying Garcias (University of Pittsburgh Press), My Aunt Otilia’s Spirit (Fifth World Tales

Suzanne Burns

About the Author

Suzanne Burns is an often published, award-winning poet and novelist. A ‘Fishtrap Fellow’ for the 1999 Fishtrap Summer Writing Festival, she is also the winner of the first annual Jonas B. Hebberhoffer Memorial Prize for poetry, and has been honored by the Heekin Group Foundation. Blight is her first collection. Ms. Burns lives in Oregon where she is at work on her next poetry collection and a new novel.


This book will be available at fine book stores everywhere in August 2002.

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