In the Bee Trees
Jim Natal

Archer Books
114pp. Soft Cover 5½" x 8½"

ISBN 0-9662299-8-3
First Edition

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In the Bee Trees is a remarkable and powerful collection; in it, the passionate allure of the natural world is as present as the vibrating iridescence of his cityscapes. There is a composure, a patience, and a clarity to these poems that is truly enviable. Whether charting the passages of childhood or the difficult ascents and descents of adulthood, Jim Natal never loses his sense of awe and wonder, even in the face of the most difficult circumstances and most harrowing events, public as well as private. What strikes me often in these poems is that because Jim Natal trusts his readers, he always earns his readers’ trust. Again and again, he returns to the resonant urgency of the natural world and the lessons he knows we might learn there. With its beauty and wit, In the Bee Trees is a stunning accomplishment.
—David St. John, Author

This book will be available at fine book stores everywhere in August 2002.

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