Harpo Marx at Prayer
Saul Bennett

Archer Books
112 pp. Original Paperback  
5½" x 8½"
ISBN 0-9662299-6-7
First Edition

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Saul Bennett truly hits his stride as one of the top-ranked American poets with Harpo Marx at Prayer. From growing up in 40's New York City, to the Holocaust, to the death of a child, Bennett's voice is stronger and more clear than ever.  A remarkable achievement.


"With Harpo Marx at Prayer, Saul Bennett tells a true life story as only a poet can. He is a truly gifted poet, able to strip away the coverings we place over familiar events, so that we can confront the wonder, spirit, the meaning that we, with ordinary eyes, couldn't see."

— Antoinette Bosco, nationally syndicated column via Catholic News Service

Comments on Bennett's Nerw Fields and Other Stones

"Bennett creates a unique idiom . . . with relentless phrases which pull you through the poems, which refuse to let you go. A Bennett poem is uniquely his. And yet it also shows the fingerprints of a tradition—the work of e.e. cummings, Gerard Manley Hopkins, William Carlos Williams, even John Donne. Like all great poetry, they connect with something larger."

The Christian Century

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