Legion CoverMy Name is Legion
Sheila Martin Berry

Archer Books
312 pages.  6" x 9"  Hard Cover
ISBN 0-9662299-1-6
First Edition  $25.00 
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A rape crisis counselor, Cate Lawson, finds herself dealing with a young woman (Mandie Harwood) afflicted with multiple personalities, one of which, a child, has been raped. Cate shelters Mandie and attempts to find treatment for her, while fending off an aggressive District Attorney bent on exploiting the trial for his political gain and the host of a national television news show hungry for a sensational story.

Based upon actual events.

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"An intriguing premise . . . a whodunit with a psychological twist."
   Publishers Weekly

"Ms. Berry has done it again. She has combined a terrific story with great characters for a terrific read."
    — Joe Trento, Author, Executive President, Public Education Center, Washington DC.

". . . a caring novel about the relationship between two women; one a rape counselor, the other a victim. It is a good and essentially accurate, easily readable portrayal of Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder and can help normalize the bizarre and sensational beliefs about this all too real and painful disorder."
    —Bennett G. Braun, M.D., Founding President, International Society for Study of Dissociation;
Editor, Treatment of Multiple Disorder

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