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Bangkok coverMemoirs of a Bangkok Warrior

Dean Barrett

Village East Books
303 pp. Paperback Original
ISBN 0-9661899-2-2
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Yes, Americans did fight another secret war in Asia! Now, at last, the long-suppressed details of that controversial war can be told.  The setting is Bangkok, Thailand.  The time is the mid-Sixties.  And the events are incredible. Join Whore House Charlie, Sgt. Jigaboo, Bumbles, Blinky, Agent Orange, Corporal Napalm, Hogbody, Butterball, Good Pork Betty, the Betel Nut Queen, Noy the Laundry Girl, Corporal Comatose, Doc Spitz and Lieutenant Pearshape in the wackiest adventures of the Vietnam, or any other, war era.


"Funny from the first page to the last.   A fine and funny book, ribald and occasionally touching. One of the better Asian reads of the past few years."
    —Bangkok Post

"This is M*A*S*H taken from behind the Korean lines, set down in the rear-echelon of steamy Bangkok—titillated with the tinkle of Thai laughter and temple bells. And it is an even funnier triumph of man over military madness.
    —Derek Maitland, author, The Only War We've Got

"This is a funny and human book which can describe sex without descending into sheer nastiness."
    —South China Morning Post

"Succeeds nicely in the creation of a time and place that transcends mere setting."
    —West Coast Review of Books


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