melrg.gif (5373 bytes)Millennium's End
Michael Bugeja

Archer Books
118pp. Hard Cover 5" x 8"

ISBN 0-9662299-3-2
First Edition

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As Terry Anderson says in his introduction to Millennium's End, ""There are a lot of phrases in Millennium's End that somebody needs to hear, and think about."

Michael Bugeja, author of 16 books of nonfiction, fiction and poetry delivers his most stunning collection to date. The verses are powerful and poignant, offering truths about ourselves, our attitudes and our time that we might find not quite comfortable.  It is, at once, a look back at how far we have come as a society, and a fair warning as to how far we have yet to travel.  Millennium's End is, in short, a vibrant wakeup call for the 21st Century.
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"Michael Bugeja’s book, Millennium’s End, is a powerful, deeply emotional work, filled with compassion and love for humanity and the pain of life’s tragedies. He has a stunning reporter’s sense of reality and truth. He is a profound poet and touches the heart. I think his poems are terrific and could not put the book down."
Helen Thomas, UPI White House bureau chief

"It’s just what we need at millennium’s end: a scientifically, socially, politically, emotionally, spiritually savvy poet who speaks directly and wittily and unabashedly about the most important issues of this age. Michael Bugeja is that poet, and Millennium’s End, with its formal brilliance, its imaginative largesse, and its passionate exactness is an absolutely indispensable book."
—Ron Wallace, The Program in Creative Writing, Department of English, University of Wisconsin

"Michael Bugeja brings to his visionary poetry an ingrained sense of the history of our century, an empathy for its victims of violence, domestic and political, and a love of forms that sing on the page and impress with their variety and skill. Millennium’s End, a sharp-edged and accomplished book, deserves a wide and enthusiastic audience."
—Colette Inez, Assoc. Professor,
Columbia University Writing Program

This book will be available at fine book stores everywhere in August 2002.

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