Meditations cover Meditations on The Cube of Space
Kevin Townley

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ISBN 1-931122-09-1
First Edition

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This work on the cube of space takes the reader from the information aspect of the cube to the practical application of meditations from the center to the periphery. The reader begins the journey sealing the six directions in space as outlined in the Sepher Yetzirah and ultimately takes that original point of tension established at the center to the well defined boundaries and limits of the cube.

The intention of this work is to assist each student in understanding the fundamental principles of the creative process enhanced by the pictorial images of the Tarot. Once the space of the cube is defined by the Major Arcana the student begins to work with the dimension of time as articulated by the Minor Arcana. Together the Major and Minor Arcana, two aspects of a single ROTA, present the dimensions of time and space and assist students in finding their place and purpose in the divine plan.

Reviews for The Cube of Space

"This is without a doubt the most original and useful recent contribution to occult and tarot studies. It is a brilliant synthesis of ideas which demonstrate for the first time the extent to which the Cube of Space is a coherent repository of interlocking symbolic ideas. It is a work which every student of western Qabalah and tarot should read."
óRobert Wang, Qabalistic Tarot

"This most extensive analysis in English for the Cube of Space. . . . In this lavishly illustrated work Townley takes the directional attributes given by Case and expands them into new heights of correspondence."
óDavid Allan Hulse, Author,
New Dimensions for the Cube of Space, The KeyTo It All, Vol. 1 and 2.

"As a teacher on the path for nearly 35 years, I have found the information in this book to be very sound and clearly from an Internal source. I can think of no esoteric aspect that has not been explored in this very extensive work by Kevin Townley. This is a world class-book."
óJoseph Nolen, Editor,
Inner Journey

"In the study of the Qabalah there is no more important a glyph than the Cube of space, except for perhaps the tree of Life."
óDr. Paul Foster Case

The Author

Kevin Townley entered the Carmelite Seminary in his early teens to study for the Catholic priesthood. After leaving the seminary he began a lifelong study of the ancient Universal Wisdom as taught by the various world traditions which include astrology, alchemy, magic, Tarot and a host of other subjects. He has studied and lectured in Europe, Asia and all over the United States. He presently lives in Boulder, Colorado where he continues his studies and teaching of the Ageless Universal Wisdom.


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