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by Julia Loar Gillentine
299 pages
ISBN 0-9635211-7-9
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The Bible, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Hindu texts and Hopi Indian legacies predicted this time on earth would be profound — marked by miracles and cataclysms — the storm before the long-prophesied golden age. For thousands of years, tales of a lost Hall of Records, buried beneath the sands of Giza and guarded by the enigmatic Sphinx, have endured through myth: monuments encoded with star lore. The legend promised that three initiates would return in this time to unseal the record chambers, preparing humanity for the next millennium. Through dreams, hypnotic regression, and shamanic journeys, Alexandria Stuart, don Miguel Piedra, and Erik Anderson battle adversaries and incredible odds to fulfill their destiny. Messengers is a compelling story based on solid research and knowledge of precessional astronomy woven together with golden threads of ageless wisdom. Interdimensional gateways encoded in stone. Secret of free energy, buried beneath the Sphinx. Mayan prophecies. Atlantean legacies. Egyptian mysticism. Three initiates return to unseal the chambers. Read Messengers Your understanding of humanity's history and future will never be the same.


"A fascinating story . . . through well written fiction, this book captures the essence of the ongoing reality."
     — Robert Bauval, co-author of The Orion Mystery and The Message of the Sphinx

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