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David Sutherland

Archer Books
118pp. Soft Cover 5" x 8"

ISBN 0-9662299-4-0
First Edition

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As Paul Klobbenborg says in his introduction, "David Hunter Sutherland's new book is a brilliant collection of striking poems written with language at full stretch.  here we have a modern poet redefining language within its emotional and conceptual brackets and breaking out beyond the plain inferences of words into broader perceptions symbolic of human feeling."

David Sutherland's works have appeared in such quality journals as The Hollins Critic, The Midwest Quarterly, the Reader (Oxford University Press) and many others. His collection, Between Absolutes, was featured at the 26th Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's 'Meet the Authors' conference in Washington, D.C.
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"David Hunter Sutherland’s first book of verse is not for the beginner, the poet-taster, someone looking for a quick emotional fix. If you are a fan of Bukowski or performance poetry, this volume is guaranteed to stretch your mind."
—C. E. Chaffin, The Melic Review

"David Sutherland’s verse comes at you like a twelve foot tidal wave. His words engulf you, plunge you into a deep state of half-consciousness, giving you over to a more sublime and intrinsic understanding."
—C.K. Tower, Editor, Conspire Magazine

"With unabashed speculative passion and largesse, these poems have an alluring sacramental intensity to them, ever longing for greater transpersonal intimacies, for words to wed flesh to spirit, habitation to weather, immanence to the idea of immanence, song to the sound of rain falling just outside the song."
—Bruce Bond, The American Literary Review

This book will be available at fine book stores everywhere in August 2002.

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